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This process develops success attitudes and the human relations and management skills needed to be a great leader.

Over the last several years, management has taken on many new and complex dimensions, and this trend is likely to continue. Advancing technology, changing values, and increasing competition have created new and exciting possibilities in every organization. The challenge facing management today is developing an organization that can achieve tomorrow’s goals while continuing to meet the daily challenges of today’s changing business environment. To balance these organizational and competitive demands, managers need a systematic, results-oriented approach to organizing, managing, and motivating their staff.

Today’s management requires the skills to manage individuals for a higher level of productivity and successful outcomes. Every organization is forced to accomplish more with less. Effective managers are a key ingredient for increased profitability and growth for organizations.

The Management Development process is designed to help managers develop the skills needed to do more with less and be able to more effectively accomplish organizational and personal goals and objectives. As a result of this process, managers understand why and how they are essential to achieving the organization’s goals.

8 weekly sessions
3 individual follow-up sessions

  • Manager as a Leader
  • Goal Setting for Success
  • Confidence
  • Work Environment and Motivation
  • Decision Making
  • Management Communications and Human Relations
  • Managing Time
  • Developing Subordinates Through Goal Setting
  • Dealing with Negative Behavior
  • Cohesive, Energized Teams
  • Enhanced Leadership Ability
  • Clear, Focused Direction
  • Personal and Organizational Balance
  • Goals-Driven and Results-Oriented Mindset and Attitude
  • Increased Individual and Organization Performance
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