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We believe that the most effective strategies and solutions come from within an organization. Utilizing facilitation processes and a collaborative approach, we develop performance solutions that provide our clients a competitive advantage. We share knowledge, ideas and solutions, and partner with clients to solve problems.

Our relationships are based on trust, professional integrity, and a real passion to exceed expectations.

Each client is unique and has different sets of circumstances, challenges, and desired outcomes. Our approach is a five-step process designed to understand your needs, mutually agree on solutions, develop recommendations, implement, and provide follow-up to ensure success.


Before any recommendations are made, we thoroughly evaluate your company’s current challenges and desired outcomes. We achieve this by either
  • Meeting with you and your executive team to discuss the company’s current challenges, the company’s history, the future direction, the current culture, what the company desires to achieve, what actions have already been taken, and the desired outcomes or
  • Perform a comprehensive Organizational Assessment to identify the company’s strengths and weaknesses and the key-performance drivers to improve performance or
  • For Leadership Development, Executive Coaching, and Organizational Assessments, often times a company engages our services without a detailed evaluation process simply because they know what their challenges are and understand how they will benefit from the process.
Once we clearly understand the challenges, needs, and desired outcomes we can begin to discuss recommendations to achieve your desired outcomes.

Once recommendations are agreed upon, a Project Proposal containing specific and customized action plans that define the scope of the project, timeframes, and investment, is prepared and submitted.

Process implementation begins. Collaboration is ongoing. Progress Reports are submitted to monitor and communicate progress.

After Performance Strategies have been implemented and Leadership Development or Executive Coaching processes have been completed, we provide ongoing follow-up to ensure individuals and the company remain on track.

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