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CoreStrata Leadership Series. Leaders today are facing continuous change, new competition, and increasing pressure to succeed. Survival and success is dependant on developing strong Leadership and implementing effective Performance Strategies. The following articles provide executives and managers effective ideas and techniques to prosper in today’s highly competitive and rapidly changing environment – at CoreStrata, we call it – Competitive Advantage!

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  • How Well Are You Hiring?
  • Generations at Work: Boomers, GenXers...
  • Global Business: Challenges And Opportunities
  • Making Strategy Everyone’s Job
  • Managing Dynamic Change
  • Retaining Talented Employees
  • Balancing People, Values and Business
  • Transform Complaints To Commitments
  • Strategy Execution - A Leader's Most Important Job
  • Preparing For The Future

  • Preventing Executive Burnout
  • Executive Coaching: Return On Investment
  • Executive Coaching: What Is It?
  • Executive Survival: Feedback
  • Finding True Meaning At Work
  • Getting the Most Out Of Executive Coaching
  • Maximizing Your Coaching Investment
  • The Art of Personal Goal Setting
  • Sustaining High Performance - Managing Energy
  • Understanding Executive Failure
  • Emotional Intelligence In The Workplace
  • Leadership: Facing Moral and Ethical Dilemmas
  • Leadership for the 21st Century
  • Managing with Emotional Intelligence
  • Optimism: Why It Matters So Much
  • The Leader - Follower Partnership
  • Employee Engagement
  • Facing Conflict
  • Where Have All The Good Managers Gone?
  • Leading With Values: Walking The Talk
  • Finding Your Core Purpose & Strengths
  • Changing Minds: How Hard Is It?
  • Leading With Clarity
  • Managerial Success: The First 90 Days
  • Managerial Success: Energy and Focus

  • The Art Of Positive Emotions In Business
  • Understanding Basic Human Behavior

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