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CoreStrata® Organization Performance Assessments are a series of behavioral and attitude assessment tools designed to enhance individual and organizational performance. The following ten Organization Performance Assessments are exceptional tools for leadership and staff development, organizational development, pre-employment testing, and an integral component of many CoreStrata Performance Strategy and Leadership Development processes.

Designed to help CEO's, business owners, management, and decision makers attain a greater knowledge of themselves as well as others. The ability to interact effectively with people may be the difference between success and failure in our work and personal life.

Effective interaction starts with an accurate perception of oneself. The TTI Success Insights® Executive quantifies information on how we see ourselves and presents this self-perception in a detailed report.

  • Designed specifically for the CEO, business owner, manager and decision maker
  • Identifies how executives tend to approach problems and challenges
  • Outlines personal behavior strengths and value to the organization
  • Targets characteristics that move an executive from a "manager" to a "leader"
  • Offers strategies for communicating openly, ethically, and directly to get the results your organization needs

Communication skills, interpersonal skills, and initiative are the three most desired capabilities sought out by today's profitable companies. The TTI Success Insights® Management-Staff assessment provides an accurate analysis on how you perceive yourself and others. With increased knowledge of yourself and others, effectiveness and productivity increases. It is tailored to:
  • Executives / Business Owners
  • Managers / Employees / Professionals

  • Improves hiring effectiveness when used as a pre-employment assessment
  • Get new employees off to a fast, productive start by building sound relationships and a better understanding of who they are
  • Open the door to effective communication between managers and members of a team
  • Enable managers to give feedback to employees and gain commitment for improving performance and accelerating personal growth
  • Discover effective ways to resolve conflict and value differences
  • Improves employee retention

Personal interests, attitudes, and values help to initiate behavior. They are sometimes called the hidden motivators because they are not always readily observed. Understanding attitudes and motivation of yourself and others is key in staff hiring and retention, self-fulfillment, and relationship building with clients.

  • Understand what drives you
  • Recognize core attitudes of others and how they see the world
  • Understand why you and others make certain decisions and why conflicts occur
  • Motivate yourself and others on their own terms

Enhances the communication process with any group through an understanding of an individual's own communication style.

This report includes a section on Communication Flexibility and Situational Strategies that develop group communication. An Action Plan designates specific communication goals.

Target the key information necessary to build effective teams.

Through individual reports, each team member clearly perceives how he/she contributes to the organization and gains a greater appreciation of how differing styles are required to achieve team goals.

Personal effectiveness within each key position is crucial to the ongoing success of an organization. Multi-rater surveys, or 360 surveys, allow multiple team members, coworkers and/or managers to give valuable feedback regarding the effectiveness of an individual’s performance. The results of 360 surveys are used in a number of ways to enhance and develop the interpersonal skills and effectiveness of key employees. Multi-rater surveys have become a standard in successful organizations and can be customized to suit your organization’s needs.

Successful performance many times is directly related to matching a person's natural behavior with the behavior demanded by a specific job.

This system allows the user to identify and compare people's perceptions with reality. There are six unique comparisons for you to fully understand the ramifications of job matching and mismatching.

  • Defines all the human factors absent in job descriptions
  • Defines the behavior the employee brings to the job and defines the behavior required to be successful in the job
  • Helps the manager and employee have the same perception of the job
  • Help manages assist employees in meeting behavioral demands of the job

Values are the drivers behind our behavior, our hidden motivators. Values are beliefs held so strongly that they affect the behavior of an individual or organization. Since values lie beneath observable behavior styles, values are not discovered until we have known individuals for a long period in time. Why is this important? Identifying the value drives of individuals, teams, and organizations reduces conflicts, increases talent retention, improves efficiency and productivity, and energizes any group working together toward common goals.

  • Reduced conflicts
  • Increased employee retention
  • Improved efficiency and productivity
  • Increases satisfaction of internal and external stakeholders

Finding the right talent for specific jobs is not just desirable, but ESSENTIAL to business success. Much valuable employee time can be wasted in needlessly interviewing prospective employees whose talents are not suited to job openings.

The costs of employee turnover can no longer be ignored and are widely advertised as being from 3 to 9 times annual salary — depending on the job level and experience of departing employees. Replacing talent quickly and accurately will effectively stop the drain on a company's resources that is related to employee turnover.

The TTI Success Insights® Interviewing Insights - General assessment is designed to assist companies to quickly and successfully prepare for the interview process. These helpful reports will target talent early in the hiring process and pave the way for second-level interviews and/or more in-depth assessments of specific capabilities.

Use this assessment to prepare for a wide variety of initial interviews for jobs, including (but not limited to) the following:
  • Administration
  • Clerical
  • Reception
  • Staff Assistants
  • Operations
  • Warehouse Workers
  • Technical Support, etc.
  • Save time and effort in preparing for interviews
  • Target the right type of talent at the beginning of the hiring process
  • Identify suitable candidates accurately through behavioral profiling
  • Achieve successful hiring faster, saving both time and money

Do you find yourself stepping into a time trap? Is your desk and "in box" a black hole? By identifying the possible causes and finding possible solutions to time wasters, you develop a powerful approach to organizing and managing your time and unlocking the door for high performance.

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